Security is one of the foundations of a well-organized company and serves as both a protector and a deterrent.

As a PROTECTOR, Security maintains a secure work environment for a company and its employees while acting as a safeguard for company assets and intellectual property.

As a DETERRENT, Security functions as a gatekeeper to guard against individuals whose sole purpose is to do harm or disrupt company business.

Our role is to provide innovative solutions to your most challenging security concerns.


Hamilton Mixon Global Consulting is an agile and highly experienced Corporate Security Consultant organization with a proven track record managing high profile global security organizations. The organization provides strategic, high-level expertise to meet the needs of our clients across industries that range from technology, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, gaming, transportation and hospitality that focuses on risk mitigation strategies and global physical security programs.

We offer workplace violence risk mitigation and training, physical security analysis and risk mitigation strategies,security program review, contract guard service RFP and implementation programs, staffing augmentation, access control,Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), and CCTV assessments, as well as executive protection program evaluation and development, as well as the development and implementation of a Security Predictive Intelligence program and business threat assessments that address more complex issues involving all aspects of your program.

Beyond conducting surveys and making recommendations, we help implement and test those recommendations that have been adopted. We partner with you to make presentations to senior management and C-Suite management, to obtain their support for the recommended efforts.

From : Tyler Arnold / Founder & CEO

There’s no doubt that Hamilton Mixon has had an interesting career. Not many people get to list companies like Facebook, Oracle, and Genentech on their LinkedIn profile next to skills like interrogation, kidnapping/extortion management, and executive protection and organizational development.  When I had a chance to sit down with Hamilton to talk about physical security, I was impressed by the way he approached the field. While physical security at large companies may have you thinking of gates, guards, or key cards, Hamilton sees things differently.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Hamilton and his team have been instrumental in raising the performance and profile of our security organization. His customized approach to our specific needs created the change within the organization that has proven results and always within budget. The Risk Assessment created the strategic plan we needed to chart our path to the next level of organizational excellence. Hamilton’s C-Suite experience created confidence in the security mission and help solidify funding for the program.

Vice President Engineering Global Pharmaceutical San Francisco Bay Area

Manufacturing our product outside the United States created challenges’ for our organization that included brand protection, supply chain security, and travel safety for staff. Hamilton and his team created a comprehensive plan to encompass all the concerns to meet the needs of the organization as well as create lasting internal and external partnerships. His extensive global contacts created opportunities’ and opened doors in the global law enforcement community and regulatory agencies’ that has created a solid brand protection, supply chain security, and travel safety programs for our organization.

Sr. Director Brand Protection/Supply Chain Security Boston, Mass.

In early 2015 our corporation found itself in significant growth globally and we needed an individual who could assist the security team with the due diligence that went along with this growth, which included risk assessments, brand protection, product diversion as well as travel security. His experience helped us creating a risk model for the new growth and successfully execute on our growth.

Hamilton and his team integrated seamlessly into both our organizational culture and our security organization. The resulting partnerships established a resilient process in site selection and establishing the corporation’s risk modeling and tolerance for risk we continue to use.

COO Global Technology Company San Jose, Ca.

As a small start-up we were clueless on the security and logistical needs for our IPO roadshow. Fortunately, our team brought Hamilton and his team to the table to discuss our needs. Hamilton created a master plan for security, travel logistics, and intellectual property protection for the IPO roadshow.

His extensive network in the banking security, hospitality, and travel security industries simplified the process for us and allowed my team to focus on our role to sell the company. Most important to my team and I, we did not feel like we were being “handled” and the process was low key and done with a minimal intrusion into what we felt was needed as well all done within budget.

We look forward to other opportunities to work with Hamilton again.   

CFO, Start-Up Bio-Pharmaceutical San Francisco Bay Area