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With more than three decades of experience managing many of the largest and most complex global security organizations, Hamilton and the team at Hamilton Mixon Global Consulting are an agile and highly experienced Corporate Security Consultant group who provides strategic, high-level expertise to meet the needs of our private clients and corporations across industries that range from technology, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, gaming, transportation and hospitality on issues of risk mitigation strategies and global physical security programs.

In addition to working throughout the United State our team has extensive global experience that includes Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America. The founder and principle consultant, Hamilton Mixon has successfully developed and led the global security organizations for Genentech, Inc., Oracle, Inc., Facebook, Inc., Vertex Pharmaceuticals, the Belle of Baton Rouge Hotel and Casino, Hyatt Regency Resorts and Hotels and Healthcare Security Services.  

Our team are internationally recognized security management professionals who provide strategic, cost effective risk mitigation solutions to global security organizations. Hamilton and the team have a proven track record of creating robust security environments with business-oriented/risk mitigation approaches to all aspects of a top tier global physical security organizations while managing within company culture and collaborations with other key corporate stakeholders. 


About Hamilton & His Background

Hamilton Mixon


A Louisiana native and a veteran of the Louisiana State Police, Hamilton served in a variety of assignments within the State Police Organization including the Criminal Intelligence Unit as the Unit Wiretap and Countermeasures Section Manager, Commander of the Governors Mansion and State Executive Protection Detail, and as the State Police and Public Safety Public Information Officer.


Upon his retirement from the Louisiana State Police, Hamilton entered the private sector as the Director of Corporate Security for Jazz Enterprises, a gaming and hospitality corporation headquartered in Reno, Nevada.  Hamilton continued to pursue opportunities in the West when he was appointed as the Director of Operations for Healthcare Security Services in San Jose, Ca., a security management and consulting firm that specializes in security services for Healthcare Facilities throughout the United States and Canada.  Upon leaving HSS, Hamilton served as the Regional Security Director for ICG Communications, a Telecommunication and Internet service provider in San Jose, Ca.

In 2000 Hamilton joined Genentech, Inc. where he developed and implemented their global physical security program that included domestic and international site security; executive protection and security management for corporate executives, global contract security management, supply chain, manufacturing/product security; he and his staff facilitate the security functions for all company off-site meetings and conferences as well as the various other security aspects of Genentech. Throughout his career Hamilton has lead, developed, and managed progressively larger global physical security organizations as the senior most security leader for Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Oracle, Inc., and Facebook, Inc. 

With 32 years of progressive experience in global physical security, managing some of the world’s larges and most complex corporate security organizations, Hamilton initiated a global security consulting practice in 2013. Since it’s inception Hamilton has assisted many of the worlds most recognized corporations with all aspects of their physical security and executive protection programs.